Got my visa!

Oh joy! I picked up my visa this morning. I must admit just about a week before my trip I was getting a bit nervous about still not having my visa. Dealing with the customer service of the visa office was a bit of a challenge though. In the past week I must have spent about 2-3 hours in the waiting loop of their customer hotline. They open at 9 in the morning and when I called them at 9.10 and got through at 9.30  they had not even started the system! My next try was at 10.00, when an overjoyed helpdesk agent informed me that the system was just about to come up.  Furthermore, why the reference number I received when filling in the visa form online has nothing to do with the reference number I would have needed to track my application online beats me.

Enough complaining, everything is sorted and I’m ready to go!


2 responses to “Got my visa!

  1. Hi Lisa, wish you a great time in India. I’ll follow your blog – nice distraction from changing nappies and cooking baby food …:-) (not that I would mind, of course! ;-)…)! Hugs&Kisses, Antje

  2. Geniet er vol van Lisa!! Je gaat het fantastisch hebben.

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