Made it to Mumbai

After a pleasant enough flight (no personal screen for movies though) I made it to Mumbai safely. Even at 11 pm traffic was really bad, which allowed me a first glimpse on Indian traffic. From my first impression it seems that there is a left side and a right side and just how many lanes there are on each of these sides is determined by how many cars manage to squeeze in next to each other. This is accompanied by repeated honking.

It was so exciting to meet the CSC India 12 team after having talked to each other on the phone for so many weeks. Everyone who had already arrived was waiting in the lobby. I thought it was amazing that there was no awkwardness at all, we had fun and good conversations and everyone seems to be just as enthusiastic as me. We also had our first tiny culture clash. Vasek, our team mate from the Czech Republic had brought a famous Czech drink (which apparently also serves as all round medication) and invited us all to taste it. Evidently, that’s not such a smart move in the lobby of an Indian hotel. We were kindly requested to retreat to our rooms for further “medicine” tasting.

The picture in this post shows a Mumbai branch of this little Dutch bank…  😉 It was just across from our hotel.

Time to go to bed though. It’s 1.30 am Indian time and in the morning we depart to Coimbatore, our final destination.


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