Indian hospitality

So far every Indian I met was so welcoming and generous! It is quite overwhelming really. Both at the hotel as well as at the client’s our Indian contacts try to fulfill all of our wishes.

Especially our client is really going to extremes. Already at the kickoff meeting we mentioned to Vanitha that we’d like to spend a weekend at a nature reserve close by, but hadn’t been able to make any reservations because it’s the holiday season. Immediately Vanitha took her phone and started organizing a weekend for us all (also the other teams).  Next week we’ll all be going to a fantastic guest house in the jungle – great!

Since our office is located a little outside shopping areas, going out for lunch is not an option. We decided to bring lunch from the hotel. When we told the people at Siruthuli we’d be bringing our own lunch they decided we needed a microwave to heat our lunch. We said we really did not need a microwave and they insisted we did. The next day we found the manual of a brand new microwave was on our desks….

Yesterday after our meeting Vanitha asked whether there was anything else she could do for us also unrelated to work. We answered whether she could indicate some nice shops for us to get Indian clothes. Immediately she made one of the employees go shopping with us after work! We also mentioned we’d be interested in getting traditional Ayurveda massages and whether she give us some suggestions. Again, she immediately picked up her phone to call some of her friends who can arrange for massages for all of us.

Everyone is inviting us over for dinners and lunches, and suggests all kinds of other activities. 4 weeks in Coimbatore is definitely not enough!



2 responses to “Indian hospitality

  1. Whow, how friendly it is!! Enjoy it all the way!!
    But don’t get too much used to it Lisa 🙂

  2. Lisi, wie cool, freue mich wirklich sehr für Dich! Und der Urlaub kommt erst noch…

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