Two intense first days at the Siruthuli office

Our first two days at the Siruthuli were pretty intense. Tuesday we spent at the office. Mr. Myleswami and Raji showed us the office building which the NGO only moved into the office in June. Next to a nice office area they also have an auditorium for gatherings and awareness sesssions and a big exhibition area showing the different projects. We also saw the impressive number of awards Siruthuli received within only 8 years. Wednesday morning we were picked up by Sampad, a civil engineer working for Siruthuli. He took us to some of the projects that Siruthuli supports. First we visited some lagoons where part of the city’s sewage water is directed to. Siruthuli initiated that active microbes are added to the sewage water which accelerate the decomposition process and remove the bad odors and vermin that closeby residents had complained about. Moreover we saw the garbage dump. Siruthuli has all of the garbage going to the site sprayed with a solution, which again accelerates the decomposition process and keeps bad odor and vermin away.

Later that day we went to see a waste water treatment facility that was only opened in January this year. Sampad managed to even get us a tour of the facility. A very helpful chemist showed us around and explained how the water is treated. Apparently, no chemical products are added at all, but mechanical and biological processes clean the water within only 4 hours.

At the end of the afternoon we had a very productive meeting with Vanitha, where we discussed and agreed upon the content of our assignment. For the next three weeks we’ll be preparing a high-level plan regarding the sewage streams around the Valankulam tank and how they should be directed and treated.


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