Field visits!

Here’s what we saw the first couple of days in pictures:

Our first trip was to the local garbage dump. It made me realize that I haven’t even seen a German or Dutch garbage dump yet. I have yet to decide whether that should be an item for my bucket list or not….

The trucks and tractors arriving at the garbage dump are first sprayed with diluted EM solution…..

… before the garbage actually gets dumped…….

…. like here. The solution contains active microbes that accelerate the decomposition process and control bad odors and vermin. Other active microbes are added to the sewage lagoons….

… to extract nutrients from the water and again, control bad odors and vermin. The smell both at the dump site and the lagoon was not that bad at all!

The next day we visited some of the water reservoirs:

Some of the tanks are not polluted, mainly because there are no illegal dwellers nearby and because there is no open drainage leading into the tank. Other tanks though….

…. are almost completely covered with mats of water hyacinth. This tank was desilted and rejuvenated by Siruthuli a few years back but is now heavily polluted again.

… This tank is also heavily polluted. Yet some local children are trying their luck fishing. The fish is actually sold and eaten.

After roaming outside in the heat (~35° – 39°C) we had a well-deserved break sipping yummy coconut milk.


One response to “Field visits!

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I follow you on your blog and it is both nice and informative to see you coping with all the differences between us here in Western Europe and the life in India.
    Must be a very intensive and useful experience.
    Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep on reading and enjoying.

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