Our office and our revised scope of work

The past 2.5 weeks I’ve spent mostly at the Siruthuli office, learning as much as possible about the Valankulam tank and its surroundings as well as pollution and water hyacinth control. Initially, we had planned on giving Siruthuli advice on how the wastewater streams have to be directed and treated.

However, during the course of our research we found, that this is an impossible task to accomplish in only 4 weeks. Thorough water analysis of the water in the tank and of the water coming into the tank has to be carried out for a longer period of time before a good method for pollution control and wastewater treatment can be formulated.

Hence, we’ve revised our scope of work. We’ll be sketching a high-level approach on which steps have to be taken in order to make a solid decision on the pollution control method. Next to that, we’ll be giving Siruthuli advice on which organizations to partner with for knowledge exchange or financial grants. Finally, we’ll formulate suggestions on water hyacinth control and commercial ventures using harvested water hyacinth.

So this is where I’ve been spending most of my time:




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