Final presentation for Siruthuli – almost time to say goodbye

Yesterday we presented our final results to Siruthuli. Vanitha Mohan had invited the trustees and the APEX members. Initially we thought we’d be able to use the meeting room that can host some 15 people. It quickly turned out that much more people would attend, but we certainly did not expect more than 30 people to turn up. We felt honoured that so many of the trustees and APEX members, representatives of the public works department and environmental consultants were interested in what we had to share with them. As the room filled I felt a healthy level of nervousness.
During our presentation we gave an overview of the current situation at Valankulam tank and its surroundings and the sources of pollution. We advised to carry out a thorough analysis of the situation, including longitudinal water analysis and topographic analysis. Only yesterday we were able to speak to a rather enthousiastic entomology professor of Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, who was thrilled to cooperate with Siruthuli and who has extensive experience in biological control agents. He confirmed that weevils could be an excellent longterm solution to control the waterhyacinth growth in Coimbatore’s tanks. We were happy to be able to include these results in our presentation. Finally we also advised Siruthuli on potential strategic partnerships for knowledge exchange and grant making.
After the presentation Vanitha Mohan thanked us for our efforts and handed us a present to remember Siruthuli by.
It feeels really strange to be done. I had such a good time at Siruthuli and everyone there made me feel so tremendously welcome. When Vanitha thanked us, she said she was sure we’d stay in touch because “We fell in love with them and they fell in love with Siruthuli”. I really hope to come back to Coimbatore and Siruthuli one day.


One response to “Final presentation for Siruthuli – almost time to say goodbye

  1. en nu VAKANTIE!!! Geniet ervan X E

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