Goodbye CSC team in Mumbai…

We all took the plane together to Mumbai. Gaston, Cordula and Saken already left us at the airport. After some 30 minutes at the counter of the left luggage department made me wonder whether it was a good idea to leave two bags behind and whether I will ever see them again. The remaining 7 of us checked in at the hotel and left for one final team dinner. We quickly realizes how spoiled we were in Coimbatore. Traffic in Mumbai is something else and it took us ages to get rickshaws.
More goodbyes after dinner and then I also made my way to the aiport to pick up my boyfriend for two more weeks of vacation. The next day, I said goodbye to the remaining team members: Alex was going to the airport after breakfast, Sverre and Benjamin were going to discover Mumbai together, until Ben’s flight left in the evening and Sverre’s friends arrived for their holiday. It was sad to say goodbye, but I had a fantastic time with everyone and hope we’ll see each other again.


One response to “Goodbye CSC team in Mumbai…

  1. Ah Lisa, it sounds really nice… I’m sure I would have loved the Kulfi … 🙂
    I’ve missed you in my runs here in Madrid… not as regular as those in Coimbatore!

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